Gingerbread Man Cookies

Easy gingerbread man cookies with step-by-step photos, including tips for making a gingerbread man garland. These gingerbread cookies are perfect to give as gifts or to decorate around your home!

gingerbread man cookies on wire rack with wooden board underneath

Gingerbread Man Cookies

For me, no Christmas is complete without at least one batch of gingerbread man cookies. I say “one batch” but what I really mean is “one baking session” with maybe a triple batch!

As a child growing up in Australia, the only Christmas cookie I knew of were gingerbread man cookies. And in my family’s Vietnamese bakery, we actually sold them all year round.

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Cinnamon Tea Cake

A simple but classic Cinnamon Tea Cake for morning tea.

cinnamon tea cake on wire rack

I love a simple cinnamon tea cake at afternoon tea but, the truth is, I love it even more at breakfast. The combination of vanilla cake topped with a generous sprinkling of sugar and cinnamon reminds me of eating a donut, especially when the cake is still warm from the oven. While eating cake (or donuts) for breakfast, is not something the doctor would recommend, there’s something about this cake’s simplicity and plainness which lends it so well to a cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

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Cinnamon Donuts

Nothing beats hot and fresh cinnamon donuts, and this is an easy and delicious recipe using yeast to produce light and fluffy donuts rolled in cinnamon sugar.

cinnamon donuts rolled in cinnamon sugar on large plate

I love donuts. I particularly love them hot, fresh from the vat and sprinkled with lots of sugar and ground cinnamon. Give me a donut and a cup of coffee for breakfast and I’m a happy camper.

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