Chilli Con Carne

A delicious recipe for Chilli Con Carne which the whole family will love! The meat sauce is slow-cooked with herbs and spices with lots of kidney beans for extra protein and texture. Serve with rice or tortilla chips for a tasty meal!

chilli con carne with rice

Chilli Con Carne Recipe

For me, there is much comfort to be found in having a large pot of Chilli Con Carne bubbling away on the stove, especially since I know that many meals can be derived from this one dish. At other times, it happens to be a great dish to make if you are entertaining a small crowd.

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Sticky Chicken with Malaysian Salad

This Sticky Chicken with Malaysian Salad is perfect for a no-fuss weeknight meal.

sticky chicken drumsticks on plate

I know all too well that planning meals ahead of time, doing the grocery shopping in bulk, and even cooking in advance, are the easiest paths to a stress-free suppertime, but being organised often takes time and time is a scarce commodity when there is a toddler and newborn in the equation.

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