Chinese Almond Cookies

These Chinese Almond Cookies are a delicious way to end an Asian meal.

chinese almond cookies on baking tray

I used to wonder if my disinclination to play Lego with my son for more than 5 minutes made me a bad mother. I’m sure it must be fun as a child to build tall Lego towers, knock them down, and start over again. And again. And again.

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Kugelhopf recipe with step-by-step photos. A kugelhopf is a yeasted bread, similar to a French brioche, which is perfect at breakfast or morning tea. Make this kugelhopf plain, with raisins or other dried fruits. Easy to follow recipe.

kugelhopf on wire rack with kugelhopf mould in background

What is a Kugelhopf?

A kugelhopf is a yeasted bread which has been baked in a special mold, and it is typically served at breakfast in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The taste and texture of a kugelhopf is quite similar to a French brioche, although the butter and sugar content can vary a bit between recipes.

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