Peach & Raspberry Jam


To continue on from my recent foray into the world of jam-making, I tried my hand at one of my favourite fruit combinations for jam – peaches and raspberries. And the result? Truly delicious!

I need to buy me some more jam jars …





  1. Caroline 4 September 2011

    OOh I have never had that combination. I have been itching to make jam ever since I saw your apricot ones Thanh! And want those Weck jars! :-)) Gorgeous photo!

  2. Reem | Simply Reem 6 September 2011

    Wow what a lovely choice of fruits, I have never tried this combination but I am sure this will taste divine….
    Beautiful pictures!!

  3. […] to preserve as much of summer as I can into little glass jars. I have made several batches of Peach & Raspberry Jam, as well as a simple apricot jam (using my recipe for Apricot & Vanilla Jam but omitting the […]

  4. Olivia Banks 16 November 2013

    Recipe looks great – how long will the jam last once sealed?


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