Walnut Cake

A delicious and moist Walnut Cake using seasonal walnuts, rum and honey. This simple cake looks stunning baked in a bundt pan.

walnut cake on wire rack with fresh walnuts

Seasonal Walnuts

It is that time of the year again in Switzerland when the Advent is approaching and the children are becoming excited about meeting Samiclaus (the Swiss version of Santa Claus) on St. Nicholas Day on 6 December.

Unlike the Santa Claus in most other parts of the world, Samiclaus does not have the same breadth of resources nor financial liquidity, so his gift to children is usually a small hessian sack containing clementines, walnuts, peanuts, some gingerbread, and maybe a few pieces of (Swiss) chocolate. No prizes for guessing what gets eaten first!

As walnuts are in abundance at the moment, it will soon be time to make my Swiss Walnut Christmas Cookies, although this chocolate version was quite popular last year.

advent candles in vintage bundt tin
{Our advent candle display this year}

Walnut Cake

But one recipe I have been wanting to try since returning home from the Manger Workshop with Mimi Thorisson is this delicious Walnut Cake.

Made using freshly ground walnuts and heady with rum, it is a cake which truly celebrates the current season. You can find the recipe on her blog or in her new cookbook, French Country Cooking. And if you would like to win a copy of her new cookbook, simply scroll down and enter the giveaway!

mimi thorisson
{Mimi Thorisson decorating a Walnut Cake}
manger workshop
{Walnut Cake}
walnut cake in bundt pan on marble tabletop
{Walnut Cake}
mimi thorisson
{Mimi Thorisson decorating a Walnut Cake}

Walnut Cake Recipe

I have altered the recipe below by changing the method to how I make nearly all of my cakes. That is, I like to cream the butter and sugar first, add the liquid ingredients, and then fold through the dry ingredients.

I should also admit that I changed the method because Mimi’s recipe doesn’t state whether the butter should be softened or melted, and I couldn’t remember what she had used in the workshop … So I decided to use softened butter, and the result was a deliciously moist cake with a lovely crumb.

walnut cake with jar of honey

One tip I took from Mimi was to serve it with a drizzle of dark rum, poured from a dainty little pot which I think was traditionally used to keep concentrated tea. When I saw this little pot at an antique store in Saint-Christoly-de-Médoc, I knew I wanted it, although I procrastinated a little because there was (and still is) a big risk my 20-month old daughter might claim it as part of her dolls’ tea set.



There are so many recipes from French Country Cooking which I am looking forward to trying, and I hope to share a few more recipes from the book here on this blog soon!


Walnut Cake

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  • Author: eatlittlebird.com
  • Prep Time: 20 mins
  • Cook Time: 40 mins
  • Total Time: 1 hour
  • Yield: Serves 6-8
  • Category: Cakes
  • Cuisine: French

A delicious and moist Walnut Cake using seasonal walnuts, rum and honey. This simple cake looks stunning baked in a bundt pan. Recipe adapted from French Country Cooking by Mimi Thorisson



  1. Preheat the oven to 350°F (180°C) (without fan).
  2. Grease and flour a 7 inch (18cm) bundt tin with approx. 6 cup (1.5 litre) capacity. (I recommend using a special non-stick baking spray.)
  3. Beat the sugar and butter until light and fluffy.
  4. Mix through the vanilla, rum, and honey.
  5. Add the eggs, one at a time.
  6. Fold through the flour, cornflour (cornstarch), baking powder, and sea salt.
  7. Place the walnuts into a food processor and blitz until you have mostly fine crumbs (some coarse crumbs are ok).
  8. Add the ground walnuts to the batter and fold through gently.
  9. Pour the batter into the prepared cake tin.
  10. Bake for about 40 minutes, or until a skewer inserted in the middle comes out clean.
  11. Leave the cake to rest in the tin for 5 minutes before carefully unmoulding it.
  12. Leave the cake to cool completely on a wire rack.
  13. Decorate the cake with some walnut halves and drizzle with some honey.
  14. Serve with whipped cream and a drizzle of rum.

Kitchen Notes

You can also use pre-ground walnuts in this recipe, if they are commonly sold where you live.

All recipes on this website state temperatures for a regular oven (i.e. a conventional oven without fan). If you have a convection oven with a fan, please consult the manufacturer’s handbook on how to adjust the temperature and baking time accordingly.

To convert from cups to grams, and vice-versa, please see this handy Conversion Chart for Basic Ingredients.


  • Serving Size: Serves 8
  • Calories: 602
  • Sugar: 28.3g
  • Sodium: 49.4mg
  • Fat: 48.5g
  • Carbohydrates: 37.9g
  • Fiber: 1.2g
  • Protein: 5.5g
  • Cholesterol: 96.4mg

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In connection with Clarkson Potter, Eat, Little Bird is giving away TWO copies of French Country Cooking by Mimi Thorisson.

The giveaway is open to anyone worldwide and the books will be distributed as follows:
*one copy to a winner in the United States
*one copy to a winner in the rest of the world

How to enter

Leave a comment below and tell me what your favourite French food is. Please indicate which country you are from in the comment form (this information will not be publicly displayed).

Entries will close at the end of Friday 9 December 2016 and the winners will be notified by email. Good luck!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Stacey and Margaret! You have each won a copy of French Country Cooking. Thank you for entering the giveaway and happy cooking!


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      Hi Mia,
      This recipe uses the same measurements as in Mimi’s recipe. I’ve used a different cake pan to Mimi, hence the different shape. At the workshop, Mimi used a small bundt pan which has a ring centre and results in a taller cake.

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    • Eat, Little Bird 24 February 2023

      Hi Cathy,
      I had listed the recipe with the UK/Australian terms. I have updated the recipe to include the US terms in brackets 😊 So the recipe uses cornflour, which readers in the US would call “cornstarch”, i.e., the fine, white flour which is also used as a thickening agent. Hope this helps!