Apple Galette

red love apple galette on tray

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A delicious and easy apple galette recipe which will impress your friends and family. Use any type of apple in this rustic apple galette, or special varieties such as Red Love Apples.


For the pastry

For the hazelnut frangipane

For the filling


For the pastry

  1. Mix together the plain flour, ground hazelnuts, salt, and icing sugar in the bowl of a stand mixer with the flat paddle attachment.
  2. Add the butter and beat on low speed until the mixture is crumbly and resembles wet sand.
  3. Slowly add the water (you may not need all of it).
  4. Stop mixing once the mixture starts to come together into a ball.
  5. Take the dough out of the bowl and knead it lightly to bring it together into a soft ball.
  6. Pat the dough into a flat disc and wrap with clingfilm.
  7. Chill the dough in the fridge for 30-60 minutes.

For the hazelnut frangipane

  1. Beat the butter and sugar together in a small bowl until it is light and creamy.
  2. Add the ground hazelnuts, egg yolk, cream, and salt.
  3. Mix everything together until you have a thick mixture.

To assemble

  1. Roll out the pastry on a sheet of baking paper until you have a round shape about 12 inches (30cm) wide. The pastry should not be too thin (about 5mm thick).
  2. Spread the hazelnut frangipane over the centre of the pastry, leaving about a 1 inch (3cm) border.
  3. Place the pastry back into the fridge to keep cool while you prepare the apples.
  4. Preheat the oven to 400°F (200°C).
  5. Peel, halve and core the apples.
  6. To arrange the apples like in the photos, slice each apple half thickly (about 5mm thick).
  7. Arrange the sliced apple halves like in the photo and push the slices gently into the frangipane. To make the apples fit nicely, you may need to remove a slice or two. Otherwise, for a more rustic and traditional-looking galette, simply pile the apple slices in the middle of the pastry, leaving a 1 inch (3cm) border.
  8. Fold the border over the apples and crimp the pastry to seal in the edges.
  9. Brush the pastry with egg wash.
  10. Generously sprinkle demerera sugar over the pastry and apples.
  11. Bake for 40-60 minutes, or until the pastry is lightly golden and the apples have softened.
  12. This apple galette is delicious served warm or at room temperature.

Kitchen Notes

Red Love apples are currently only available in Switzerland, and they can be purchased at selected Migros supermarkets (typically the larger stores) and also in the Food Hall at Jelmoli. The plants can be purchased online at Lubera. Similar apple varieties include Pink Pearl and Hidden Rose.

You can substitute the ground hazelnuts for ground almonds, or even ground walnuts.

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