Tahini & Almond Cookies

11 July 2012 54 comments
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I was first introduced to these cookies by my work colleagues who travelled frequently to Israel to visit their friends and family. On one occasion, one colleague returned with a box of these moreish cookies to share in the office, and I was instantly hooked. To say that I helped myself to more than my […]

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1st Blog Anniversary!

20 June 2012 80 comments
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Wow! eat, little bird is 1 year old! It is rather incredible to believe that, only one year ago, did I embark on this blogging adventure, extending my forays into the world of food by embracing new technology (WordPress, CSS and html coding were not part of my skill-set prior to the last 12 months), embracing […]

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Crumpets … or something similar

15 June 2012 43 comments
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I had a sudden inkling to make crumpets the other day, somewhat unusual because I was only ever a mild fan of these yeasted breads when I was a child. My memories of crumpets are of the shop-bought kind which were round, thick and spongy in texture. Once lightly toasted, a generous slather of butter […]

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Chicken Curry Puffs

11 June 2012 36 comments
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A visit to most Chinese restaurants will reveal curry puffs on the appetiser menu and I am always a sucker for anything wrapped in pastry. I could sometimes quite happily forego the main dish and just sit down to a huge serving of curry puffs, but afraid of any negative reaction this could elicit in […]

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My Kitchen Garden (Part 1)

1 June 2012 52 comments
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Herbs form an important part of my cooking and I can’t think of a dish where I don’t use a herb as a garnish or as a main ingredient. Perhaps it is because of my affinity with Vietnamese cooking which, at its heart, is all about fresh flavours and fresh ingredients, that I like to […]

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Rhubarb, Strawberry & Raspberry Crumble

30 May 2012 29 comments
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I think a fruit crumble would have to be my favourite dessert of all time. A simple apple crumble was one of the first things I learnt how to make in my cooking classes at school and I have fond memories of recreating this dish as a young child, faithfully following the recipe in my […]

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Spinach & Tomato Lasagne

27 May 2012 45 comments
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I love a good lasagne and it’s a satisfying dish to make when you have time to potter about in the kitchen. With spring having finally arrived in Zurich and warmer weather slowly creeping into the forecast, I wanted to make a baked pasta dish, but nothing too rich and heavy. This vegetarian lasagne is super […]

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Martha’s Vineyard, USA

22 May 2012 32 comments
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I had always dreamt of visiting Martha’s Vineyard, though it never quite occurred to me that an opportunity to actually do so would ever arise. The closest we had come once was when planning our honeymoon which eventually took place on the neighbouring island of Nantucket. But last summer, faced with the choice of returning […]

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Chocolate Chip Chouquettes

10 May 2012 49 comments
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While working in the outer suburbs of Chicago in the last few years, I often found myself at a Barnes & Noble or Borders bookstore during lunch, not only because I have a fondness for bookshops but mostly because I discovered that living and working in Switzerland had had a big influence on my lunch-time […]

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Coq au Vin Skewers

6 May 2012 14 comments
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It was never really my intention to cook my way through Rachel Khoo’s The Little Paris Kitchen, but so rarely has a cookbook resonated with me so much that I have found myself trying a new recipe from this book every few days since I first purchased it. If only I had this level of […]

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