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Orange & Ginger Marmalade

7 October 2012

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The end of summer has meant some frantic jam-making sessions in my kitchen, trying to preserve as much of summer as I can into little glass jars. I have made several batches of Peach & Raspberry Jam, as well as a simple apricot jam (using my recipe for Apricot & Vanilla Jam but omitting the vanilla this time), not to mention the Strawberry Jam which has been disappearing as fast as I make it.

And whilst oranges are not quite in season yet, I wanted to have orange marmalade with my toast at breakfast one day and the domestic goddess in me wouldn’t allow me to just simply buy a jar from the local supermarket. I had to make my own. Thanks to the year-round supply of oranges from Spain, I was able to make marmalade even though purists would probably tell me that I should have waited a few more months.

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Scones with Strawberry Jam

21 September 2012 34 comments
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On a recent trip to London, I was reminded of my fond affection for Devonshire Tea, essentially a scone served with jam and cream. In fact, my desire for a daily scone fix made me brave enough to venture into a café on my lonesome most afternoons, just so I could sit down to a […]

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Rhubarb Compote

11 March 2012 38 comments
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I always look forward to seeing the vivid pink of the forced rhubarb at this time of the year, its season generally lasting from January to March in the northern hemisphere. I love to have a jar or two of rhubarb compote in the fridge, which makes for a great accompaniment to have at breakfast […]

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Cherry Tomato Relish

31 January 2012 46 comments
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Having now shared one of my favourite meat pie recipes, it’s only fitting that I also share my all-time favourite tomato chutney recipe. This recipe comes from Donna Hay magazine and, like most of her recipes, it is super quick and super easy to make. I make it so regularly that I doubt I will […]

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Peach & Raspberry Jam

4 September 2011 4 comments
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To continue on from my recent foray into the world of jam-making, I tried my hand at one of my favourite fruit combinations for jam – peaches and raspberries. And the result? Truly delicious! I need to buy me some more jam jars …

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Apricot & Vanilla Jam

3 September 2011 17 comments
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Given the amount of jam which my husband and I go through (about 1 jar of Bonne Mamam per week), it’s rather surprising that I only recently got into jam-making. For a long time, I always thought that you needed a gluttony of fruit in order to make jam. And in Switzerland, a gluttony of […]

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