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I was first introduced to these cookies by my work colleagues who travelled frequently to Israel to visit their friends and family. On one occasion, one colleague returned with a box of these moreish cookies to share in the office, and I was instantly hooked. To say that I helped myself to more than my fair share would be a gross understatement; I embarrassed myself by dipping into the cookie jar every time someone wasn’t watching, quickly depleting the holiday gift that was meant for the whole office to share. But in some ways, I hope my greed was received as a compliment, as an acknowledgment of a culture which was very foreign and unfamiliar to me. Or at least that was the subliminal message I was trying to send. Thankfully, my colleagues have made many more visits to Israel since, each time returning with a box of these delicious treats to my delight.

To look at, these cookies are quite plain and reveal nothing special. But one bite into the crumbly and buttery biscuit and you are instantly hit with the nutty flavour of the tahini. And it is precisely the tahini which makes these cookies so addictive. It had never occurred to me that tahini could be used in baking; the tub of tahini sitting in my pantry had only ever met a hummus. So not only was I thrilled to come across a recipe for these delicious cookies, but this recipe also happens to be a fabulous way of using up that large tub of tahini that might be nearing its best-by date.

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Chocolate Chip Chouquettes

10 May 2012 49 comments
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While working in the outer suburbs of Chicago in the last few years, I often found myself at a Barnes & Noble or Borders bookstore during lunch, not only because I have a fondness for bookshops but mostly because I discovered that living and working in Switzerland had had a big influence on my lunch-time […]

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