Australia Day Baking


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January 26 marks Australia Day, a day to celebrate the arrival of the First Fleet in the land Down Under and to, more importantly, celebrate the cultural diversity and national spirit of the beautiful, wide and open land that is Australia.

Across the pond and several continents away, I like to celebrate Australia Day by indulging in traditional Aussie fare such as lamingtons, pavlovas or meat pies. Although both of our children were born in Switzerland, I am, nevertheless, determined to raise them as Australians. And what better introduction to their mother’s culture than through some delicious food?

Here are links to some old recipes on this website which you can enjoy on Australia Day … they’re oldies but goodies 😉

How do you like to celebrate Australia Day?



Pavlova with Cream & Passionfruit

{Pavlova with Cream & Passionfruit}

Little Aussie Meat Pies

{Little Aussie Meat Pies}

Cherry Tomato Relish

{Cherry Tomato Relish}

Chocolate Coconut Bars

{Chocolate Coconut Bars}

Lemon Drizzle Friands

{Lemon Drizzle Friands}



Beef, Onion & Guinness Pie

{Beef, Onion & Guinness Pie}


  1. Dani | salt sugar and i 20 January 2016

    These recipes look great! Normally I spend Australia Day at a friends bbq wearing a bucket hat of the Aussie flag 🙂 and catch in the other. This year plans have changed so it might be time for some serious Australia Day baking to happen. I’m thinking Lamingtons mmmm and I love the look of the beef meat pies or maybe even a good old sausage roll!? Enjoy the day 🙂

    • Eat, Little Bird 21 January 2016

      Oh I miss Australian barbecues! I think that must be the best way to celebrate Australia Day 🙂 But I’m afraid that it’s likely to be snowing in Zurich on that date … so a spot of baking might be a good alternative!

      • Dani | salt sugar and i 21 January 2016

        Oh I wish it was snowing here!! We’re having a sticky, muggy and humid few days so the thought of turning on the oven is traumatic… might be making ice-blocks and punch instead 🙂

        • Eat, Little Bird 22 January 2016

          I remember the Australian heat well … I can’t say that I miss it! 😉 And ice-blocks sounds perfect. I hadn’t heard that term in a long while so you just brought a smile to my face 🙂

  2. Happy Australia Day Thanh! I grew up watching so much Australian TV! Of course Neighbours and Home Away, but also Heartbreak High and Pugwall was another of my favourites too!

    Australia is on my list of places to visit and my best friend is now in New Zealand and about to get married to a Kiwi this September (wedding is in the UK though).

    All of this food looks so good – I have a real soft spot for a good meat pie 🙂

    • Eat, Little Bird 21 January 2016

      Heartbreak High … I remember that show fondly! And, of course, I also grew up watching Neighbours and Home Away. I love that so many of the actors on those shows have now made a big name for themselves in Hollywood that it makes me smile to think that they used to be on such a humble show like Neighbours 🙂 I plan to make a batch of meat pies this weekend.

  3. Louise | Cygnet Kitchen 21 January 2016

    Happy Australia Day! I would happily eat a whole plate of the those chocolate lamingtons to celebrate! xx

    • Eat, Little Bird 21 January 2016

      We often eat these chocolate coconut bars so quickly that I usually make a double batch 🙂


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